Victoria Provisions is a pop-up concept from esteemed Chef Jesse DeLeon. 

With the great following and success we’ve had with our pop-up concept over the last several months, we have found a permanent location! As with any new development in Austin, this is going to take a lot of time, patience, and money. To prepare for the exciting road ahead, we have expanded our services to offer:

Private In-Home Dining: Let Victoria Provision help you create the perfect meal for you and your foodie friends.  Cost $60/Person ($600 Minimum)

Cooking Class: You and your friends are going to love this.  Host your cooking class and prepare the best meal you’ll eat all year (because you did it!).  Tons of fun. Cost $50/person – 12 Person Max ($500 Minimum)

Private Out-of-Home Events: Let us help you find the perfect location for your next event (May we suggest Patricia’s Table?).  (Cost varies)

Holiday Parties: Hurry and book now to ensure we have you on the calendar. Cost $40/person ($800 minimum)




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